About Casa Medica, Inc.

A renowned medical clinic in the Philippines that offers comprehensive healthcare
services with a team of highly qualified doctors and advanced medical facilities.

About Casa Medica, Inc.

Casa Medica, Inc. began operation in October 1995. It's concept on services and location has been patterned after Clinica Manila. However with a different set of investors mostly coming from the South thus an entirely separate corporation was created.

Being a few months delayed from the opening of SM Southmall, Inc. it was also struggling in introducing an entirely new concept of health system located in a mall to populations in the South. Having few known hospitals in the area, Casa Medica found difficulty in inviting good doctors to practice in the facility. Most of the good ones had already been booked to practice in big hospitals in Metro Manila despite being a resident in the South. However keeping our stand on providing quality service, we were able to gather highly competent doctors to practice on their own, suited to the general needs of the population. At the same time, Casa Medica, Inc. recruited and trained a good line of staff to attend to our valuable clients.

Casa Medica's health service though slow on its first nine (9) months of operation was largely temporary in nature but it called for closer attention to long-term competitiveness. It has therefore directly given emphasis on its operations and marketing capacity. It was in these areas that they need to strengthen. Fortunately, it showed many signs that the company's capacity for innovation is expanding.

By June 1996, the company, showed an increasing performance slow though, but carefully monitored. New developments arise within the last quarter of the year. Nevertheless, the past year was just one brief episode, and the company has developed into a more mature and focused facility; with a clear idea of its role in the health industry. Focused on our independence gives the company a better feel of our needs, and allows us to work with them in a more meaningful way. With the continuous guidance of the President & Manager, the monitoring of the quality of our service continues, consciously aimed at that need to improve, all the more, it's operational efficiency.

Proudly, after twenty-two (22) years in operations and continuously pursuing satisfaction. We have reached our goal of achieving the no. 1 position in the Primary Healthcare Business.

Each day we look for ways to improve on what we do and as we prepare to enter another year, Casa Medica looks at its mission to its fullest extent.

Our Mission

Quality Care with a Personal Touch.

Mission Statement

  • To be recognized as the premier primary health care center which integrates Filipino hospitality traits with truly international standards of service.

  • We will strive to achieve the No.1 position in primary health care business.

  • Competence and consistency will be the hallmark of our company. Warmth, friendliness, graciousness and sincerity.

Our Vision

To develop, manage and be Known for Quality Medical Service.

Vision Statement

  • SATISFACTION, we make it happen.

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